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Smart TVs – 70 Million Smart TVs that is…and growing!

Your clients are moving off of tablets and laptops and grabbing the voice activated remote or simply saying “Alexa, show me real estate”. Our solution puts you in front of a new audience, and that audience is growing each day. Our solution integrates with your website but also pushes you in front of millions of homes in the United States using ROKU and Amazon Fire Devices as well as fully integrated TVs powered by both ROKU and Amazon Fire.

How many Real Estate channels are there currently on Roku? As of this writing only about 15 small local sites and only a couple on Amazon Fire TV. The majority are poorly done with dead content. We have run a very successful ROKU channel here in the Missouri Ozarks for over 2 years with thousands of views to each video. (5,500 views on average) Click here to install the channel now!  There are 70 Million smart TV’s in America today! This is the ground floor no matter what market you are in! The traffic has been huge but is just a drop in the bucket compared to what is coming as people start asking “Alexa, what else can you do for me?” Or speaking Into their remote and say “Florida real estate” or “(your city) real estate”

Our service will produce your virtual tour, place them on your website as well as your very own ROKU channel and matching Amazon Fire Channel. All updated automatically whenever you add a new tour of a listing. We also provide 2 links for your local MLS in both branded and IDX compliant unbranded versions.

Is this service for everyone? No, this is not for someone with 2 or 3 listings. This is for:

  • Top Producers and Agent Teams.
  • Brokerage Offices with Many Agents.
  • MLS Boards covering many Offices.
  • Professional Videographers
  • or Talented Real Estate Company Staff

Your system can handle thousands of listings easily and we recommend a minimum of 20 active listings. Not because it will not work with 2 or 3 listings, but because you need enough eye candy to keep the TV viewer interested.

If you do not handle that amount of volume, your listings can still be on our ROKU and Amazon Fire Channels. Just order or submit a Video tour. click here.

Video? Yes, this is television so the “free” self photographed slideshow tours provided by your MLS will not do. Remember, you want to stand out, you want people to list with you instead of (average agent slideshow). We also lean heavily on aerial imagery as it simply stands out. You can create your own videos but if you do not produce a high quality video tour it will just make your listing look bad and detract rather than attract. We want them coming through the door not closing your tour window. After shooting thousands of homes, we can tell you that more is not always better! Agents here locally can upload 99 pictures to the MLS, so….they do exactly that. Nothing says please write this property off your list of potential listings by looking at 99 photos until you see something you don’t like. recommends anywhere from 15 to 30 photos on average. A 15,000 sf house may get 50-70 at the most. Show the best features to get them to call and come out to “see” the property in person. You will bring more buyers through the door if you do! You will also get more buyers calling you directly as they are sitting in front of their TV when they see the property they like.

If you have your own great real estate photographer and a licensed drone pilot that you like to use, we can create the video for you when they send in the files. We can use flat photos or video footage to create the video tour. Videos are best but we have used photos for many years with great results when done correctly. Specifically the effect that we use is called the “Ken Burns” effect. This gives the photo a video quality when done correctly. Some software can apply this effect but not with intelligence. We often see tours which pan down to a toilet or zoom in to a blank wall using automation rather than a human being using their experienced eye for real estate. Let our talented staff create it and you will be amazed. (Uh, we mean our Artificial Intelligence algorithms will do all that for you) Yeah…maybe someday.

We recommend specific cameras that are not that expensive and have tutorials available to our clients. We can set you up with superior quality video equipment for about a third of what you would pay for a Matterport™ camera. We have used the matterport a few times for one of our best clients who purchased one and we found it takes about 3 times longer to shoot the house and can be buggy to complete. The finished tour while neat is pretty much a gimmick restricted to your computers and laptop “IF” you can find a teenager to explain to you how to use it. A lot of successful Realtors use it but the biggest limitation is that this is TV and it is useless to the 70 Million viewers who we are focusing on reaching!

Hey Pilots! – If you are a Licensed Drone Pilot and Videographer and want to work with Realtors in your area give us a call. As a former Realtor and Successful tour provider with 16 years of experience we know what works. We let the other tour providers fight over the crumbs and instead provide the quality product expected by the best Realtors in the Industry. Always Have, Always Will!